Why You Should Apply to Bojack Beauty Academy

So you’ve decided to head to a beauty academy to land a stable career that’s both fun and rewarding! This is an exciting choice you’ve made. What needs to happen now is you need to start the search for the perfect Boston-based beauty school.

What to Look for in a Beauty School

Not every cosmetology school in Boston is the same; each one offers different beauty courses and different course lengths. At Bojack Beauty Academy, we provide our students with cosmetology and aesthetics courses, along with spa & manicurist courses.

Be sure to sit down and really ask yourself what beauty niche industry you’re most interested in. Are you constantly asked by your friends to do their hair? Perhaps enrolling in a hair styling program is best. Are you artistic? Then why not try the manicurist route. No matter what, Bojack Beauty Academy and other professional cosmetology schools will have introductory courses to get you exposed to different fields within the industry.

Why Choose Bojack Beauty Academy?

At Bojack Beauty Academy, you will be able to test your newfound skills on real people. Our cosmetology school allows Boston-area residents to stop in for a haircut, manicure or skin treatment at reduced prices in order for you to apply the knowledge you learned in the classroom. The world of cosmetology is very hands-on so be sure to look for a school that allows for hands-on training.

With both classroom-based learning and hands-on training, all of our students are well-prepared for their state board exam. We’re proud that 99% of our students pass the state board and 98% go on to land a successful cosmetology career by the time they graduate.

What About Finances?

Students are constantly choosing Bojack Beauty Academy for any reasons, but one of the biggest benefits we provide is affordability. In fact, 98% of our students graduate debt free. There are plenty of financing packages available. We want to make sure that your dream to be successful isn’t ruined simply because of education costs. Please take the time to contact us about our multi-payment plan and determine whether or not Bojack Beauty Academy is the right fit for you!

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