Make Your Manicure & Pedicure Last Longer

Getting a manicure and pedicure is a relaxing experience and something most people look forward too. Picking your a seasonal color, getting some TLC to those hands and feet that were hidden away in gloves and boots all day, and relaxing in a great environment. When leaving the salon you are extra careful not the chip your nails and ruin the experience you just had. We have some tips to help keep those manicure and pedicures lasting just a little bit longer.

1. Don’t soak your nails before polishing.

2. Apply a topcoat after you leave the salon: To keep the life of your nails going, grab your own top coat at a drugstore on your way out the door. Just

3. Protect your hands post-manicure: Using gloves when washing dishes if a great way to protect your nails and your skin. The harsh soaps and liquids used will dry out your skin and can cause your nails to fade and chip 10 times faster!

4. Apply cuticle oil every night: Prevent hangnails, dry cuticles, cuts, and peeling from cuticle oil! This is also an easy product to find at a local drugstore.

5. Keep your toes under wraps—and moisturize them daily: Hydrate! Keep your hands and feet hydrated constantly. After showering apply lotion to keep hands and feet hydrates to prevent cracks and chips in your skin.

Don’t let a beautiful manicure or pedicure go to waste! Implement the above steps and hold on to that look just a little bit longer! If only the cold weather would move on out of Boston and we could show off our toes!

To get a manicure or pedicure at Bojack Academy contact the salon or walk-ins are welcome.

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