Health Benefits of a Professional Manicure

Professional manicures are often associated with the idea of a lavish and pampered lifestyle. But manicures don’t just look and feel great, they are also good for you.

We use our hands every day. Just like it is important to keep our hair and face clean, we also need to care for the health of our hands.

  • In order to keep our skin healthy, we need strong blood flow. Manicures always involve a hand massage, which promotes good blood circulation.
  • The cosmetologist will check for any fungus or infections on your hands when you receive your manicure. While it may take several weeks for you to notice a fungal infection, a professional cosmetologist is trained to spot those infections early in its development.
  • Removing your cuticles make your nails look great, but can also lead to infection if done improperly. That is why you should see a professional nail technician with the right equipment to remove your cuticles.
  • Hang nails left uncared for can lead to infections. A manicure will remove and help prevent hang nails.

Bojack Academy provides basic manicure training as part of its nail technician program. We also provide manicures for $6.00. The manicure is done by a student with instructor supervision.

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