Fashionable Hair Styles for Your Summer Wedding Event

The season has arrived where the sun is out most of the day and the time has succumbed to summer wedding plans wherever you go. Going to a summer wedding, with exception to the heat can be a very enjoyable experience. For a day that will bring much joy to the couple getting married, having the perfect hairstyle for this special event is necessary.

Hairstyles for weddings are a dime a dozen but choosing the one that will best accentuate your individual style is the aim in this situation.

In 2016 it is not unusual to find guests at your wedding sporting floral crowns with flowing curls or waves underneath. Floral crowns have become very popular over the coming years and compliment a side swept hairdo in a very subtle way bringing the whole look together. This kind of look can most often be seen worn by the minimalist bride or bridesmaid. The more subtle and effortless , the better that is what this look glorifies

If you plan on wearing a back-baring dress or a strapless number then an updo that showcases your shoulders and clavicle would do the job. A fishtail chignon is an option that will flatter your dress and make you look as elegant as possible. A fishtail chignon, unlike the classic chignon updo, adds depth and distinction to your hair because of how complex the braided bun updo looks. The look goes perfectly with the woman making a statement but would like to remain chic.

A classic go-to hairstyle for most is the infamous half up half down, although simple it is a classic hairdo ready to wear dressed up or dressed down. This look shows versatility in a very subtle way, it can be worn straight, curly or wavy. When in doubt go with what you know this half up half down pinned up look.

To spice up a simple or ordinary hairdo, consider a crown braid with half down curls or waves. This look will give some softness to your face and give you the princess appeal you have always wanted. If a crown braid isn’t really your style try a braided headband to add depth and drama to your do.

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