Fall 2015 Hair Colors to Dye For

So maybe you’ve made the bold move to chop your hair a few inches this past spring for a flirty look and to get those tresses off your neck for the summer. Now the leaves are changing, the days are growing shorter, and your hair has grown a bit longer.

Enter: Fall 2015.

The long locks are back in, ladies, and it’s time to focus more on color. Although a fresh trim is always a necessity to keep our mane looking soft and flowing, Fall is the best time of the year to play around with different hair colors. Here are Fall 2015’s top five colors you don’t want to overlook this season.

  1. BRONDE. This is a great seasonal transition color, especially when coming off those golden summer days. Phase your summer highlights out with bronde — a color that has more of a brunette base with wisps and highlights of caramel to golden blonde.
  2. COPPER. Another hue that’s easy and effortless to transition to from your spring or summer color, the copper color is great for darker blondes or red heads. This lighter red shade is a great choice for fall if you’re not quite ready for the deeper browns and reds.
  3. CHESTNUT. It can often be difficult for natural brunettes to dye their hair a color that won’t look too obvious. For those with medium to dark brown hair, opt for a light chestnut color. This rich hue can be applied either as a highlight or for complete coverage.
  4. RED ACCENTS. Not looking to change things up too much? For those with darker brown hair but want just a little something different this season, talk to your hairstylist about red accents. These can either be added towards the end of your strands or interwoven.
  5. SOFT BLACK. But black is just black, isn’t it? Not quite! As you notice your natural summer highlights begin to fade, consult your hairstylist during your next appointment to see if you can pull off this hue. Instead of jet black, there is a subtle hint of brown when the light hits your hair just right.

For those who are undecided on what their Fall 2015 hair color should be, be sure to book an appointment with your salon in order to ensure you get the best hair service as possible.

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