Common Manicure Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Think you’ve got a fairly great DIY manicure technique down? You’ve got all your tricks and tools that you pull out when it’s time to pamper yourself. However, you might not have considered the mistakes you might be making that could infinitely improve your manicures in the future.

  • You forgot to pain your nail tips! One of the most common mistakes a DIY manicurist will make is forgetting to “seal off” the nailpolish. After painting the nail, be sure to run the tip of the nail polish brush along the tip of the nail in order to seal the polish and make your manicure or pedicure last longer.
  • You forgot to wash your hands. Another common mistake is forgetting to thoroughly clean your hands before a manicure. Removing any dirt or lotion from your fingers will make the application of polish much smoother, resulting in longer lasting results. Use acetone nail polish remover to get rid of all oils.
  • You are cutting your cuticles. Don’t buy into the notion that in order to get professional manicure results that you need to trim your cuticles. This can be bad for your nails in the long run. Instead, simply push the cuticles back in the shower with the tip of your nail or a wet washcloth. No need to even purchase a fancy cuticle pusher!
  • You are filing your nails wrong. A back and forth filing motion will only fray the tips of your nails, which can lead to chips or breaks down the road. Filing in one direction will give you better control of how much of the nail you’re filing down and will also prevent chipping.
  • You are cutting too much off. Professional manicurists stress the importance of only cutting off half the desired amount of nail using nail clippers, then file the rest down to the desired length and shape. Nail cutters should only be used if the nail is excessively long and would be difficult to shape without using this tool.

Not sure you know how to make these manicure changes? Head to a beauty school for a low-cost yet professional manicure so you can study how the pros help you get the look you want. Hoping to someday become a professional manicurist? Contact Bojack Beauty Academy today to learn more about the program!

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