Why you Should Include Rose Water in Your Beauty Regimen

Roses are a woman’s favorite flowers. The beautiful look of soft red roses can brighten up any room. Roses can be used as accents to decorate a room, can be placed as petals in frames, and even serve a purpose for a token of an apology.

Rose water helps the skin in a myriad of ways from helping keep your skin’s ph balanced to assisting with anxiety serving as a mood booster.

If you suffer from a skin condition such as dermatitis or eczema you understand how bothersome it can be and how irritated your skin can get. Rose water helps by soothing the irritated skin and reducing redness. Do you suffer from frequent acne? A rose water toner may be just what you need. Rose water helps alleviate bacteria in the face and serves a cleaning astringent.

Did you know about Rose water’s antioxidant properties? Rose water has capabilities to regenerate skin cells helping to aid scars and rebuild new skin tissue. It even assists with wrinkles for those who would like to slow the process of aging skin.

Rosewater doesn’t only help out your skin. It helps your hair too.
With its moisturizing effects, has the capability to combat frizzy and dry hair. Use it as a conditioner on your hair, give your hair that shine you’ve always wanted.

If you are a makeup fanatic using rosewater will be the mold that holds your look together. Use it as a makeup setting spray your look will last all day.

There are countless benefits to Rosewater, wouldn’t be a bad idea keeping it in our bathroom and makeup counter. Get yours today.

Every woman would benefit from this old beauty tool we so often overlook.

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