Why You Should ALWAYS Take Makeup Off at Night

Nearly every woman can probably confess to leaving their makeup on overnight at least once in their life. It’s just so easy to forget (or pretend to forget) that it’s there and just let it wash off in the shower the next morning instead. Leaving your makeup on overnight can’t be that bad for the skin… right?

Think again, say the experts.

The side effects of leaving your makeup on overnight range anywhere from acne and clogged pores to aging your skin nearly 10 years. We often read the find print of a face cleanser that promises to remove free radicals from the skin. These free radicals are found in the environment and are ultimately what cause the formation of breakouts due to being trapped on your skin by your makeup.

Always be sure to use a non-harsh cleanser at night to rinse these free radicals off the skin’s surface. Experts also recommend a tougher facial cleanser once a week as a way to dislodge any difficult to remove dirt and grime.

Signs of Skin Irritation or Aging

Those who don’t regularly remove their makeup at night may experience severe dryness on parts of the face, while other parts may become overly oily. The skin around the mouth may become chapped and cracked, while pores will enlarge and the skin may appear lumpy. Those who reapply mascara on top of the layer they had on the day before could be at risk for developing tiny cysts around the waterline.

Those who leave foundation or powders on their skin are also at risk for permanently damaging the collagen that keeps the pores small and the skin tight. The free radicals that accumulate on foundation throughout the day will eventually cause wrinkles and fine lines.

How to Prevent or Reverse Skin Aging

If you are guilty of leaving your makeup on overnight more often than not, give your skin a hard look in the mirror. Assess the damage or even snap a close up. Next, try switching to a brand that uses ingredients that are natural or organic to prevent further irritation. Always use non-alcoholic facial wipes to remove the makeup at night as alcohol will dry up the skin.

Don’t hesitate to head to a beauty academy or spa for a deep cleansing facial to start off with a blank slate. Beauty schools can also provide you with tips on how to properly and thoroughly remove makeup before bedtime.

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