What You Need to Know About Salon Perms

Deciding to get a perm is a big deal, as it can last a long time. In order to make the perms last though, it must be done professionally. Don’t expect a DIY perm to turn out well the first time, no matter how stringently you follow directions. So why waste your time and energy on something that isn’t guaranteed to look flawless?

Instead, let the salon professionals at a beauty academy handle it. Here are a few things to expect once you decide you want a professional perm

Communicate to your hairstylist. There should always be an initial 5 minute or less consultation with your hairstylist before getting to work. Talk to the beauty professional and say exactly what kind of end result you’re looking for. Be sure to say how you usually style your hair and what your hair type is, what products you use, and how frequently you shampoo your hair.

Expect to camp out in the salon. A perm is going to take quite some time. After all, it is a chemical process that requires the breaking and reforming of the hair’s proteins that need to be reshaped into the desired form — and this could take up to 4 hours. However, a DIY perm will be much longer, so it’s worth the wait. Simply bring a book or grab a friend who is looking to get their hair done as well.

The process may smell a bit. Because a perm is a chemical process, the potions used may give off a strong odor. If this happens and it becomes bothersome, ask your hairstylist for a wet washcloth to place over your nose and mouth. This should reduce the smell.

Assess the finished product. Never leave a salon without a final consultation with the stylist about your new look. Note that the curls will relax a bit after a few days and should settle into their new shape. However definitely voice any other concerns you might have.

One last thing to keep in mind is that a professional perm could cost upwards of $150. However, if you head to your local cosmetology school you can get a professional-grade perm for as low as $25!

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