What Exciting Careers Can I Pursue with My Cosmetology License?

Out of the ordinary careers for the fashion forward beauty cosmetology student!

Deciding to pursue beauty as a career can be one of the most rewarding steps for a person who has decided to follow their intuition and pursue a career for something they enjoy doing. Whether your niche is hair, skin, or makeup there is a multitude of positions in demand that you never thought would be possible. These roles are exciting, paced, and you get to meet many new faces on an everyday interaction. The biggest perk of your cosmetology license, the fact that you possess one of the most in-demand jobs in today’s economy.

Fashion Show Stylist 

So while you can go the most traditional route by working as a stylist at a salon and working towards owning your own there are other things you can do to earn your income doing what you love. These jobs are ones that will make you the envy of all of your friends. For example, being a fashion show stylist. If you are anywhere near loving runway fashion shows you know that the models strutting designer clothes are almost always rocking a unique hair style and makeup. Being a fashion show stylist is a job that takes inspiration, artistry, and imagination. If this describes you in any way, this is a job worth pursuing. Dive into your work and your imagination to create work of art through hair and makeup that you never thought possible.

Editorial Stylist 

Are photo shoots a past time you fancy more? Have you considered the field of editorial or advertising stylist? If you prefer to work behind the scenes prepping models for hair and makeup for their editorial shoots for magazines or national campaigns, then this might be the job for you.
An editorial stylist requires flexibility and skill to execute a variety of looks. One day your job may be to make the model look very old Hollywood glam, or make her look dark and gothic. Your skill as a stylist must be one that is ever changing as your duties will require executing different looks.

Platform Stylist 

Perhaps you are the adventurous stylist and would prefer being in the limelight rather than behind the scenes. In this case, you should consider being a platform stylist. A platform artist is one that is on the road and is constantly creating works of art for entertainment, training and setting trends. This is one of the most exciting because it dives into your own creativity and allows you to work with different products and perform styles on live models at hair shows. This is your opportunity to show off your skills and what you can do.

Your cosmetology license is your opportunity to do great things with your career. The sky is the limit and at Bojack Beauty Academy, this is exactly what we encourage.
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