What Can I Learn at a Beauty School in Boston?

Believe it or not, professional hairstylists, manicurists and makeup artists need some type of formal education in order to be successful in the Boston beauty industry. Having an interest and being self-taught to some extent is a plus, but enrolling in a beauty school in Boston is what will turn a hobby into a career.

At Bojack Beauty Academy, we help individuals of all ages become cosmetologists in two years or less. Wondering what you can learn from the professionals here at our cosmetology school in Boston? Here are just a few examples:

  • Hair Styling. Learning how to cut a customer’s hair properly, color it to their liking, and add the finishing touches is important to building a good reputation and gaining repeat customers at your own salon in the future. At Bojack Beauty Academy, we’re here to teach you all the secrets.
  • Manicure/PedicureIn Boston, people love their meni/pedis. Bojack Beauty Academy is here to guide students in how to keep their workstations sanitary as well as learn how to give your customers the best and most relaxing mani/pedi experience as possible.
  • Make Up & Product KnowledgeWe already know you’re excited to experiment with makeup and are always down to try out new products on yourself and your friends. Here at our Boston cosmetology and make up school, we can give you direction on what the best products are for your customer’s skin type as well as how to apply each product and blend appropriately.

Interested in learning more or enrolling at our beauty school? Contact us today!

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