Top 5 Manicurist Safety Tips

Taking classes at our beauty school in Boston to become a manicurist is a fun and exciting time in your life! You’ll be tough how to perform relaxing massages, create intricate nail art, and learn all there is to know about how to run a nail salon or spa business. However, once of the most important aspects of your training here at Bojack Beauty Academy is how to stay safe in the workplace.

As a soon-to-be professional manicurist, you’re going to be exposed on a daily basis to some harsh chemicals. In order to prevent health issues down the road or create a hazardous working environment, there are a few key safety tips you should follow.

  1. Hand Care. This isn’t hand care for the customer — it’s for you! Before and after servicing a customer, always wash your hands with antibacterial soap. If you can do your work with latex gloves, we highly recommend wearing these and disposing of the pair after once use. Don’t forget to moisturize regularly in order to prevent your skin from cracking.
  2. Sterilization. At Bojack Beauty Academy, we are strict on making sure our students understand the proper sterilization technique as this can affect both customers, employees and yourself when not done properly. Not to mention improper sterilization can lead to legal issues with OSHA and other state or national governing health bodies.
  3. Different Techniques. As news of more health issues surface regarding improper manicure techniques and questionable procedures, it’s becoming increasingly important to opt out of performing certain aspects of a manicure or pedicure. For instance, skip the cuticle cutting or pushing as this is an area of the nail that is sensitive to bacteria.
  4. Cleanliness. It’s mandatory to sterilize any manicure instruments used on a customer and cleaning your workstation is a must. However, always go above and beyond when it comes to keeping your entire salon clean. Do a quick clean of the salon area once or twice a day and always be sure to do a deep clean once you’ve closed up shop for the night. Not only will this prevent infections, but also win you rave customer reviews.
  5. Encourage Nail Instrument Purchases. Although you should always have a few sets of manicure instruments at the ready, it may not be a bad idea to recommend your regularly returning customers to purchase their own manicurist instruments to bring into the salon with them. This way, the customer will feel at ease knowing where their instruments have been — just be sure to wash your hands or wear gloves before handling their personal manicure set.

Our beauty school in Boston is all about teaching our students the proper manicure techniques as well as how to keep their future salon in mint condition. Excited about learning all their is to know about being a nail technician? Contact Bojack Beauty Academy today to sign up for classes!

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