The Long Bob-Summer’s Trendiest Hair

Lob Hair

This summer is all about the low maintenance cuts and shaggy hair. Celebrities everywhere have been sporting this new trend produced from the infamous bob haircut. The long bob is a much more natural and free spirit version of the bob and can be worn with different textures.  Ladies everywhere are sporting this new cut to flatter their fashion styles.  What people love about this haircut is the versatility and that the length is not too short nor too long but just the right length to  make hairstyles possible. Whether you decide to wear it up in a formal dress and styled straight  for a night out. Or perhaps you prefer to wear it down with relaxed jeans and a t-shirt. This style has the ability to be moldable.  This do can be worn in a variety of ways whether you decided to rock it with waves and curls or maybe you would like a more sleek look. There is no right way with this haircut and if you are one to often call yourself a hair chameleon feel free to rock it with different hair colors as well.

Balayage in a Lob

The chic hairstyle right now is wearing your shaggy or curly lob with a balayage process to match. Ever since the summer started the trend is all about the blondes, and balayage is the perfect natural blonde. Balayage gives the illusion of a natural highlight made by the sun instead of chemically processed. Wearing your balayage hair  in a lob haircut  will make you look even cooler by sporting effortless hair that everyone will love.

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