The Hype about Hair Strobing, Create a Sun kissed Glow for Your Locks !

Summer Hair Trend 2016

At last the summer has arrived and it is time for highlights, blondes, and caramels to come out and play. With the weather getting warmer, and the sun staying out longer, the time has come where many women change their hair lighter too.

This summer 2016, the hype is all around a hair coloring technique called hair strobing. Hair strobing was adopted with a similar purpose to contouring the face. Notice how beautifully contouring your face works, by accentuating your cheekbones, and bone structure, making you instantaneously photo ready. Well imagine this same idea, but for your hair that is what hair strobing is.

Hair Strobing works in the same way contouring would as it highlights the areas the sun would naturally hit your hair. This technique is one of the best yet, as it works individually with every person, and looks great on everyone no matter the skin tone.

Is it similar to Hair Highlighting?

Unlike Highlighting, it takes three steps to complete. Hair strobing is strategic in the sense that the highlights are specifically placed in areas that are going to naturally complement your face, and hair color. After this process has been done, the stylist will go back to add dimension and contrast to the hair. This is comparable to the same way you would do contouring, where you would add the darker shade to sculpt, then bring it all together. Thus creating a unique look specifically to you the client that’s what is achieved by strobing.

Are you tired of the traditional highlighted hair style, and would like a more defined look for your individual Style!!

At Bojack Beauty Academy our highly trained and skilled students are able to achieve the look you have been looking for this summer. Give them a try, you will leave the salon with that sun kissed glow you’ve been yearning for all year.

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