Our 5 Step Waxing Process

At Aesthetics Institute, we aren’t just a beauty school — we also provide Boston-area residents with salon and spa services. One of our most popular services is facial and body waxing. Waxing is a more effective alternative to shaving and a less expensive endeavor than laser hair removal.

Our professional waxing services are carried out by our students and overseen by industry professionals. The 5 step process is proven effective for longer lasting results:

  1. Cleanse. The first step is to make sure that the surface of your skin is free of any oils, dirt, makeup and lotion that may prevent a closer wax. It’s important that the hot wax has the ability to tightly cool around each hair follicle without obstruction due to oil and dirt.
  2. Apply. The application process is done in small increments in order to focus on just one area at a time and deliver the best results. Your salon specialist-in-training will apply a hot wax blend to the area and immediately place our sanitary and disposable wax strips on top. Our wax is safe for all skin types and includes moisturizing properties.
  3. Remove. Once the strip has been placed on top of the wax and firmly patted down, a quick motion against the direction of the hair follicle and the hair’s growth is made to remove the strip. With the removal of the strip also comes the removal of the existing hair, leaving a smooth, bare-skinned surface behind.
  4. Tidy. At our Boston beauty school, we’re all about perfection — this means that after the waxing process, we’ll carefully assess the area to make sure there are no stragglers or in-grown hairs that might cause a problem down the road.
  5. Moisturize. It’s important to always apply a light moisturizer after you’ve gone through a body or facial wax, especially for those who have not had a wax in a long time or have sensitive skin. If you’re heading out into direct sunlight afterwards, be sure to apply sunscreen as well. Some individuals may experience dryness, puffy skin, or red skin.

Heading away for somewhere tropical soon and want to look your best? Head to Aesthetics Institute for a body of facial wax. Our school offers salon and spa services at a much lower price than at traditional salons and spas in the city. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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