Hairstyles You Didn’t Think You Could do With a Flatiron

Ever thought about switching up your hairstyle but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive hair tools? Well, that handy little flat iron that you use for pin-straight locks every morning can actually be the only hair styling tool you’ll ever need. Don’t just think the straightener is meant for one use, because below are five different, effortless hairstyles you can pull off with your flat iron in the morning.

  1. Loose curls. Curls give your hair the appearance of being more full, so why not add some volume to your locks? Start with the flatiron near your scalp at the top, wrap a one-inch section of hair around the plates and pull slowly all the way down the strand of hair. Be sure to turn the flat iron away from your head.
  2. Crimped hair. Bring some texture into your stresses by trying out the flirty crimped hair style. Start with a one-inch strand of hair at the root. Twist the iron back and forth as you slowly make your way down the length of the strand. Repeat around your entire head.
  3. Bed-head style. The messy look is in, ladies! Even if you’ve just washed your hair, you can still get the look. After blow drying, mist your hair with salt spray. Brain your hair in one-inch sections, or larger depending on the look you want. Next, run the flat iron over each braid and undo them. Spray lightly with hairspray to make it stick.
  4. Colored chalk look. Adding chalk to your hair is a great way to add some fun color without paying for the real deal. Run the chalk a few times over the strands of your hair to the desired saturation, then go over your work with a flat iron to lock the color in place.
  5. Layered hair. A straightener does exactly what it says it does — straighten hair. But here’s a great new style to try. Divide your hair so that the entire top third is pinned up and separated from the bottom two-thirds. Straighten the bottom two-thirds of your hair. Create loose curls with the remaining one-third for a sophisticated style.

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