Hair Color Trends for Spring 2015

Spring seems to have sprung in Boston. Time to start making changes for the upcoming spring season. If you are looking for a change in your hair color, here are the the three major hair color trends we’ll be seeing come Spring/Summer 2015.

1. Babylights

These are the ones you get when you are a kid and are constantly playing outside. They are subtle and look very natural. At Bojack Academy we teach our students the latest trends and technique to accommodate all our clients. If it’s a natural blond look you are going for, babylights are the best way to enhance color while not overdoing it.

2. Blonded brunette

Brighten your face and get a gorgeous lift with blonded brunette. The word blond scares most dark haired women but this addition of blond highlights just at the bottom section of your dark hair are great for spring.

If this is too stripey for you, we can use a single color to have one solid color stand out rather than lots of dual tones.

3. Richer red

Emma Stones deep rich red hair is going no where fast! Bojack Academy can customize red for any complexion! If you want that deep ruby red or rich copper, we have the tools, teachers, and stylists to make it happen!

Which of these ideas tempt you? Contact Bojack Academy to see what style we can give you!

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