Finding the Right Cosmetology Career for You

Thinking you’d like to become a cosmetologist? Perhaps you’ve already enrolled in a beauty school such as Bojack Beauty Academy and you’re already on track to a successful aesthetics career.

Here is some vital information you’ll need that should help you pick and choose which specific cosmetology career is best for you.

Cosmetology Employment Facts & Stats

Cosmetology is the industry that encompasses hair and skin care and treatment, manicure and pedicure procedures as well as makeup and other stylistic aspects of the beauty industry. According to, there were 628,000 jobs in the industry in 2010, and the occupation is expected to grow through 2020. The jobs can be as flexible as you want them to be: there are both part time and full time options available in all fields.

What Happens After Beauty School?

You have plenty of options after graduating from places such as Bojack Beauty Academy! You can be a cosmetologist, hairstylist, aestheticism, salon manager, makeup artist, photo and movie stylist, salon chain management and more. Looking to find the job with the most market demand? Skin care specialists, manicurists and cosmetologists will be happy to find that their jobs are in demand.

How Beauty Schools Can Land a Career

Beauty academies are a great place to not only build skills needed in the workforce, but also a great chance to network. Bojack Beauty Academy will help recent graduates or current students find a job within the greater Boston area. Beauty schools will constantly be called upon by salons and spas asking for highly qualified and professionally trained cosmetologists. Calling Bojack Beauty Academy today can help you jumpstart your career!

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