What Does a Cosmetologist Do?


After you’ve graduated from our cosmetology school in Boston, there are a multitude of career paths you can take. If you plan to become a salon owner some day, it may be wise to first take on a job in an existing salon in order to get industry experience first. If you’re looking online for […]

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Why Choose Bojack Beauty Academy for Cosmetology School

Looking to start a new and exciting career in cosmetology but aren’t sure where to start? We know you have multiple options to choose from in the greater Boston area when it comes to enrolling in a cosmetology school. If you’re looking for the best program around to give you a leg up on your […]

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What Can I Learn at a Beauty School in Boston?


Believe it or not, professional hairstylists, manicurists and makeup artists need some type of formal education in order to be successful in the Boston beauty industry. Having an interest and being self-taught to some extent is a plus, but enrolling in a beauty school in Boston is what will turn a hobby into a career. […]

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What Exciting Careers Can I Pursue with My Cosmetology License?

Out of the ordinary careers for the fashion forward beauty cosmetology student! Deciding to pursue beauty as a career can be one of the most rewarding steps for a person who has decided to follow their intuition and pursue a career for something they enjoy doing. Whether your niche is hair, skin, or makeup there […]

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What’s the Hardest Part About Cosmetology School?


Deciding to pursue a career in the beauty industry is a very exciting endeavor. However, it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies (i.e. — you can’t just play with someone’s hair all day). There are courses that need to be completed and training hours that need to be fulfilled. Here we’ve gathered some insight regarding the most […]

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What You Need to Know About Cosmetologist Training

Hairstyle at Beauty School

The field of cosmetology is fast and exciting, but it can be intimidating trying to figure out what programs or schools to enroll in that will give you the best training possible. At Bojack Beauty Academy, we have some important information regarding enrolling is cosmetology school and about the training time required. Requirements for Cosmetology […]

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Why You Should Apply to Bojack Beauty Academy

So you’ve decided to head to a beauty academy to land a stable career that’s both fun and rewarding! This is an exciting choice you’ve made. What needs to happen now is you need to start the search for the perfect Boston-based beauty school. What to Look for in a Beauty School Not every cosmetology school […]

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How To Protect Your Hair When Using a Flat Iron


Flat ironing, or straightening your hair is a very popular way to style your hair. Lots of people think that even if they have the highest quality styling tool that they’re hair a less likely to become damaged. The quality of your flat iron is a factor however, using a iron to often and at […]

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What is cosmetology?

Google defines cosmetology as “the professional skill or practice of beautifying the face, hair, and skin.” At Bojack Academy Beauty School of Boston MA our cosmetology program touches upon the many beauty mediums including hair, skin, nails, and makeup. Our beauty school of Boston’s West Roxbury MA has curriculum that offers cosmetology degrees to cover the following courses; […]

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