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How To Take Care Of Your Nails


Although it may not seem like it, our nails are actually a very important part of our body. They are a useful tool untying knots, satisfying an itch, and aid in typing on keyboards and texting on phones. In order to ensure our nail stay useful to us, it’s important to take care of them […]

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Caring For Your Wig


At our cosmetology school in Boston, we ensure that our students are aware of how to care for a wig so that they can better inform their future customers. Depending on what the wigs are made of, these hair pieces can be quite expensive, and therefore they require specialized care and delicate handling. Before all else, be […]

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2017’s Best Summer Haircuts for Women


Summer is just around the corner and we’re all gearing up for music and arts festivals, hitting up the rooftop bars around Boston, and hanging out with friends and family at backyard BBQs. No matter whether you have a wedding or graduation to attend or if you’re just looking for a new look, our beauty […]

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Top 5 Manicurist Safety Tips


Taking classes at our beauty school in Boston to become a manicurist is a fun and exciting time in your life! You’ll be tough how to perform relaxing massages, create intricate nail art, and learn all there is to know about how to run a nail salon or spa business. However, once of the most […]

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Our 5 Step Waxing Process

facial and body waxing

At Aesthetics Institute, we aren’t just a beauty school — we also provide Boston-area residents with salon and spa services. One of our most popular services is facial and body waxing. Waxing is a more effective alternative to shaving and a less expensive endeavor than laser hair removal. Our professional waxing services are carried out […]

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Why Choose Bojack Beauty Academy for Cosmetology School

Looking to start a new and exciting career in cosmetology but aren’t sure where to start? We know you have multiple options to choose from in the greater Boston area when it comes to enrolling in a cosmetology school. If you’re looking for the best program around to give you a leg up on your […]

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What Can I Learn at a Beauty School in Boston?


Believe it or not, professional hairstylists, manicurists and makeup artists need some type of formal education in order to be successful in the Boston beauty industry. Having an interest and being self-taught to some extent is a plus, but enrolling in a beauty school in Boston is what will turn a hobby into a career. […]

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Best Reasons to Become a Hairdresser

There are many reasons to become a hairdresser! While there can be some negative aspects to the job, this can happen in any career field that you choose. First – this career is very people oriented. You will meet a lot of people on a day to day basis, and this will help to keep […]

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What Exciting Careers Can I Pursue with My Cosmetology License?

Out of the ordinary careers for the fashion forward beauty cosmetology student! Deciding to pursue beauty as a career can be one of the most rewarding steps for a person who has decided to follow their intuition and pursue a career for something they enjoy doing. Whether your niche is hair, skin, or makeup there […]

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The Long Bob-Summer’s Trendiest Hair

Lob Hair This summer is all about the low maintenance cuts and shaggy hair. Celebrities everywhere have been sporting this new trend produced from the infamous bob haircut. The long bob is a much more natural and free spirit version of the bob and can be worn with different textures.  Ladies everywhere are sporting this […]

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