Benefits of a Facial

The cold wind, air, and indoor heat can do a number on your skin and with colder weather approaching, now is the time to look into bettering your skin. Colder weather can leave your skin feeling dry and irritated because of the moisture that is taken out of your skin. It can also irritate skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. One way you can keep skin looking healthy is by treating yourself to a facial.

When receiving a facial, typically, your face will be cleaned of any makeup and cleansed with a gel or lotion. Next, your esthetician will evaluate your skin using a lightened magnifying glass. This is to see where you may have any problem areas. They will then begin to exfoliate your skin following a steam that helps skin to sweat out any dirt in your pores. Next any black or whiteheads that are present will be removed. Your esthetician will then apply a mask, remove it after the designated time, and follow up with a cream for your specific type of skin.

Besides making your skin look great, facials are very beneficial.

  • They cleanse your skin, leaving you with clear pores.
  • You can find out the cause and solution to a skin condition you may have.
  • It strips your face of dead skin cells, leaving you with fresh, new cells.

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