About Us

At Bojack Academy, we provide the tools and skills for our students to be successful in the beauty industry

Our History

Bojack Academy started out as a venture by its’ owner, Jack in the 1970s. At the time, Jack owned a successful salon in Newton where he had made connections and had established clientele. An opportunity came around to invest in a school that was scheduled to be demolished and turned into another business. Jack’s vision was to give back to his community in West Roxbury by taking over the school building and creating a space for individuals who wanted to pursue beauty as a career and gain their cosmetology license. Jack’s goal is to inspire others to pursue their dreams and influence them by sparking their creativity and sharpening their beauty skills to become the best cosmetologists they can be.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best education to our students so that they are able to pass the State Board Exam of Massachusetts.We provide our students with the training, skills, and confidence they need to start their new career in the Beauty Business.We pride ourselves in having the most qualified instructors with many years’ experience. Ultimately, we place ourselves as a pillar of opportunity for those wanting to pursue their dreams.

Why Choose Bojack Academy?

 We have SMALL CLASSES and Intense hands-on TRAINING.Students learn the Art of the Beauty!

We are INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED in the Art of Beauty. Our Instructors Are EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS and former salon owners.We provide STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY. We assist with CAREER ASSISTANCE and Placement

Diversity & Creativity 

At Bojack Academy, we value diversity among our staff, students, and clientele. Our students come from a variety of different backgrounds and ethnicities. Over 50% of our students are international, and bring culture and innovative ways of styling to our facility.

We encourage creativity at Bojack Academy. We inspire our students to create art through their work.We encourage students to find their niche and become skillful in what they enjoy doing and creating. We enjoy helping our students thrive in the field of cosmetology.

Success Rate

Students at Bojack experience great success upon graduating. These students go on to pursue salon ownership, teaching and management positions at spas and salons, sales for major cosmetic companies, stage work and design salon stylists.

areas we cover

Bojack Beauty Academy is a nationally recognized beauty and cosmetology school which caters towards students from all over the country. The majority of our students come from around the area, including Boston, Cambridge, the South Shore and North Shore areas.

 Call us to learn more about our programs and classes, and decide if BoJack Academy is the right fit for you!